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Upcoming Events

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Past Events

How to Survive on Another Planet

Space Bites September 2018

Space Research to Live Sustainably on Earth

TEDxClermont October 2016 (in French)

Un aller simple pour mars (with Florence Porcel)

TEDxMinesNancy Mars 2015 (in French)

Live Event for Mission Alpha 1st EVA 

ARTE June 2021 (in French)

Espace: les femmes aux avant-postes!

CNES Event April 2021 (in French)

“After Rotonde” L'exploration martienne

La Rotonde March 2021 (in French)

Les plantes: passage obligé pour l'exploration martienne

Webinar APM#8 May 2022 (in French)

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I had the immense honor to be one of the 60th anniversary of C'Space event godmother together with Ursula Aniakou, and to participate in the Space and Environment discussion panel on the evening of July 21.

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