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My research projects

University Clermont Auvergne (France): Postdoctoral Researcher - Current

I work within the team at Institut Pascal who has developped for decades mechanistic models for the MELiSSA loop compartments. These models enable to understand the underlying mechanisms of physical, chemical, and biological phenomena associated with mass and energy transfer within a closed loop system.

Ultimately this will enable to set up a control strategy for the whole MELiSSA loop and provide design recommendations based on the ALiSSE criteria.

Here is my publications list


I studied the interaction between photosynthesis and ventilation in reduced gravity environments, coupling modeling and experimental approaches in process engineering.

I've also been involved in projects aiming at studying crew time use in plant growth systems in analog missions, as well as the interaction between isolated crews with plants.

The long-term application is to better understand plant growth in space, coupled to human operators, in order to develop efficient greenhouse modules that will enable to feed the astronauts in future long-duration missions.

Kennedy Space Center, FL, USA:
NASA Postdoctoral Program - 2019 - 2022

University Clermont Auvergne (France):

PhD in Process Engineering - 2015 -2018

PhD Thesis: Developing physical models to understand the growth of plants in reduced gravity environments for applications in life-support systems.

Supervised by: Claude-Gilles Dussap and Jean-Pierre Fontaine, Institut Pascal.

Funding: CNES - CNRS.

Three parabolic flight campains (CNES, ESA) to measure leaf temperature of spinach plants.

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